Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Vow...

I plan to write my vows this afternoon. Calmly, my little boy, sleeps while I type. I can hear the inhale and exhale of his breath. Somehow, it helps my soul feel lighter. He's kindling the fire of love that I have for him, his daddy, nature, and God anew. Breath is spiritual. It's like a wave on the ocean beckoning to the shore to become one with each tide. I've become one physically to help create such a spiritual blessing. In less than a month, I will become one with his dad in a community of family in the natural beauty that the Creator has so lovingly made for us. This is a moment when I feel that God is great. Love has no beginning or end, but is constantly being transformed from the beginning of time to now. Children are blessings of that love that God first bestowed on his world. I was reading another blog the other day. This lady was saying that she believes that children have so much energy because they are so light. They don't have the weight of their past experiences to instill an apathy for living. I agree. They also teach us to allow ourselves to be a part of that innocence again. They are like the waves beckoning us to free ourselves from unnecessary worry. Like Jesus said, who can add an extra day to his life by worrying. Live life now. This is the day the Lord has made.

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