Monday, April 20, 2009

Come Again Another Day

In our part of the world, community planned Earth Day Festivities were rained out this weekend. Of course, they have been postponed until next Sunday, April 26th. Our family has been looking forward to sharing the love for nature and humankind for awhile now. It's truly an amazing sight when, perhaps, hundreds or even thousands of people get together to help the Earth breathe a little easier. We were planning to volunteer at our local Birth Center where midwives can legally guide mamas through the realms of bringing precious babies into this world. We were also going to drop in to see the Mama Roots table. We're excited to see her and the wares that she's chosen for such a special day. She makes toys out of wood, non-toxic paint, and beeswax. Wood, naturally, is biodegradable and thus safer (kinder too) for the Earth. We have and love several of her hand made toys. Our friends, Rutherford, were scheduled to play a show in the park, as well. They helped introduce me to my fiance a few years ago. I will add a link, in case you're interested in listening to their blues and folk inspired soaring voices. We will be extra excited to stimulate our senses, hearts, minds, and souls next weekend.

So, what did we do instead? Well, our son decided that he doesn't like pureed foods anymore. He loves eggs and Sesame Street vanilla smiley face snacks. They have to be vanilla. He doesn't like the cinnamon/oatmeal kind. (I'll have to eat them myself.) My man checked out New Moon from the local university's library for me. I read it. Now, I can't wait to get my hands on Eclipse. The Easter Forget-Me-Nots are breaking through the soil. Our son and I slept in. A glass broke. Today, Monday morning, we went for a walk while daddy was at work. I picked a daffodil, made a wish, and picked another for someone special to hold. When we got back to the house, I noticed these tulips had bloomed. The rain has been good for the Earth and our family. Sometimes, when the expected doesn't happen, beautiful moments in life show another way.

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