Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Walk...

This morning, I woke up contentedly around 7 to an eager and thirsty 14 month old. Nursing our son, I felt at peace and complete. He had went to sleep earlier than usual last night, so I couldn't wait to be able to see his beautiful hazel eyes and his 6 teeth smile. His dad cuddled with him for awhile after that. They have been bonding more lately. Even at night, he is able to comfort our son successfully. When he went to work, we had breakfast. I had cereal and a bagel. He had an organic egg and oatmeal, peach and banana puree. We enjoyed each other's company and the food. We got dressed, brushed our teeth, and put on our shoes. When we were ready to go to work, the keys were missing. I had left them in daddy's car. I dumped the diaper bag just in case. They weren't there. So, with 7 minutes until 9, the time when we should be at work, I strapped him in the three-wheeled stroler and headed off south. I felt confident and surprised about this unexpected event. We needed some fresh air and some Vitamin D from the sun. We needed to immerse ourselves in nature. He loves to walk outside. We saw dogs, birds, and cars. He expressed his awe and concern for each one. When we stopped at the light, he followed each car from the left to the right, left to right. He was soaking up the world outside of our little apartment. As we continued to walk, I began to notice glass, beer cans, coke bottles, metal rings, etc.. I never noticed the litter before. I wondered how many times are our lives going by too quickly for us not to notice the little very important things on our journey. How many times have we missed our children laugh, smile, cry? How many times have we hurt someone in the process of getting a goal accomplished and not noticed? We just need to slow down and really pay attention. I needed to slow down. After the litter, I noticed a dogwood tree hiding in the woods. I hadn't realized that there was a dogwood near the place where I work. When you slow down, sometimes inspiration is waiting just around the corner. Dogwoods remind me of the woods where I grew up as a child. I wonder what our son will remember about his childhood? His hand is now on my arm wanting to take me on another path. Have a good day!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Friday is May Day

This week Friday is May 1st, also known as May Day. In the past, people have danced around May poles and given May Day Baskets. It comes around once a year at the mid point between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice. As far as I know, I haven't participated in any May Day activities. Last Monday night, some ladies that I know and myself decided to create secret treasures and leave them on each other's door. We drew names, so that we could make extra special baskets. Early Friday morning, I'm going to ring a bell and, hopefully, leave before the person sees us. It will be interesting unstrapping and strapping a baby incognito. It will be an adventure. So, what to put in the basket...I'm still trying to decide. April showers bring May flowers, so flowers might be a good option. I was looking at some examples of baskets. I think that it would be a great idea to reuse materials from my house to appreciate the Earth and help teach my son to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Has anyone out there ever participated in May Day? What would you like to receive in a basket? I'm looking forward to the creative and kind expression of community. Let's celebrate May!

Monday, April 20, 2009


So, I've learned that Mama Roots will not be having a table at Earth Day after all. I've come to terms with that fact. I feel better about it when I realize that the Earth is a healthier place because of Mama Roots. Every day that a child plays with a wooden toy made from her shop there is less need for plastic and more room for imagination. Mama Roots makes every day Earth Day. If you would like to check out her shop on Etsy, here is a link:

Come Again Another Day

In our part of the world, community planned Earth Day Festivities were rained out this weekend. Of course, they have been postponed until next Sunday, April 26th. Our family has been looking forward to sharing the love for nature and humankind for awhile now. It's truly an amazing sight when, perhaps, hundreds or even thousands of people get together to help the Earth breathe a little easier. We were planning to volunteer at our local Birth Center where midwives can legally guide mamas through the realms of bringing precious babies into this world. We were also going to drop in to see the Mama Roots table. We're excited to see her and the wares that she's chosen for such a special day. She makes toys out of wood, non-toxic paint, and beeswax. Wood, naturally, is biodegradable and thus safer (kinder too) for the Earth. We have and love several of her hand made toys. Our friends, Rutherford, were scheduled to play a show in the park, as well. They helped introduce me to my fiance a few years ago. I will add a link, in case you're interested in listening to their blues and folk inspired soaring voices. We will be extra excited to stimulate our senses, hearts, minds, and souls next weekend.

So, what did we do instead? Well, our son decided that he doesn't like pureed foods anymore. He loves eggs and Sesame Street vanilla smiley face snacks. They have to be vanilla. He doesn't like the cinnamon/oatmeal kind. (I'll have to eat them myself.) My man checked out New Moon from the local university's library for me. I read it. Now, I can't wait to get my hands on Eclipse. The Easter Forget-Me-Nots are breaking through the soil. Our son and I slept in. A glass broke. Today, Monday morning, we went for a walk while daddy was at work. I picked a daffodil, made a wish, and picked another for someone special to hold. When we got back to the house, I noticed these tulips had bloomed. The rain has been good for the Earth and our family. Sometimes, when the expected doesn't happen, beautiful moments in life show another way.

Friday, April 17, 2009

On Winning...

Yesterday, I won a little dragon's egg from FaerieRebecca's Shop on Etsy. It is made out of wool. I have been having more experiences with wool lately. At Crafty Mama's hosted by Mama Roots, we have made eggs (or coccoons) by wet felting wool. For that, one would pour hot water in a bowl with a little ivory soap. The next step would be to choose the wool that you would want for an egg. I chose light grayish brown for the cocoon. Then, you spread the wool apart, place it on a plastic egg, lightly dip the egg into the water, and gently roll the egg. After about three hours or so of adding wool, I had a cocoon that I was happy with for my son. I also experienced needle felting that evening. Mama Roots graciously taught me how to make antennae for a little caterpillar that she had made. I would really love to felt some more. Now, I need to make a butterfly. Someday, I'm hoping to use all these neat craft ideas I'm learning from all these nice people to teach my son the joy of making things by hand.

If you would like to learn more about FaerieRebecca and her work, here are two links: one to her shop on etsy and the other to her blog.

Have a great weekend everyone! Enjoy Earth Day!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Vow...

I plan to write my vows this afternoon. Calmly, my little boy, sleeps while I type. I can hear the inhale and exhale of his breath. Somehow, it helps my soul feel lighter. He's kindling the fire of love that I have for him, his daddy, nature, and God anew. Breath is spiritual. It's like a wave on the ocean beckoning to the shore to become one with each tide. I've become one physically to help create such a spiritual blessing. In less than a month, I will become one with his dad in a community of family in the natural beauty that the Creator has so lovingly made for us. This is a moment when I feel that God is great. Love has no beginning or end, but is constantly being transformed from the beginning of time to now. Children are blessings of that love that God first bestowed on his world. I was reading another blog the other day. This lady was saying that she believes that children have so much energy because they are so light. They don't have the weight of their past experiences to instill an apathy for living. I agree. They also teach us to allow ourselves to be a part of that innocence again. They are like the waves beckoning us to free ourselves from unnecessary worry. Like Jesus said, who can add an extra day to his life by worrying. Live life now. This is the day the Lord has made.

Monday, April 13, 2009

A Toast

Today, I've been thinking about journeys in life. In almost a month from now, I will be marrying a man who's taught me more about love than anyone ever has. He has shown me reflections of myself that I no longer wanted to reveal. I've become a more loving person because of his love for me. He has helped give me the best gift in my physical life, a son who means more to me than anything on Earth.