Sunday, March 14, 2010

Washing Winter Away

Winter has been harder this year than it has been in the past, for me at least. It seemed that I had had enough of winter long before the senses of Spring started to penetrate my self. The birds started singing their sweet songs. I remember the songs from year's past with the fondest of memories. They're a reminder that winter doesn't last. Life's troubling situations don't last. The sun always rises. The birds return to sing their songs. The flowers bloom. Nature has a way of awakening onself from a hibernation of sorts. I can feel my spirit rising. I was so surprised to find these little flowers outside our front door. I called them baby flowers for my son. I love how God can grow us through the life outside, if we are just aware. I think of all the poems written including the birds of the air, flowers of the field, swaying trees, ever warming sun, and the guiding moon. Nature has affected so many people in so many ways for thousands of years. What an awesome blessing! We are reminded that Nature is not always a sweet to the touch aspect of our lives, such as in the case of earth quakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, and countless illnesses that we have to battle with on a moment by moment basis. Today, we're thankful to nurse in the grey tinted sun light coming through our window. Everything in the house is silent, except for the refrigerator and the ebb & flow of our breaths. Outside, the rain splattered earth is preparing wonders that some of us have never seen before. I look forward to sharing these wonders with my little one. I'd love to plant some myself for his and my own future ponderings. I hope that you've experienced a little taste of Spring. If not, hold will be there soon! Blessings and Wonders to you all!