Sunday, December 18, 2011

Nice to know...

Tonight, my friend, mentioned my last blog post...from April...and we talked about it some. It's nice to know that I have someone who reads what I feel worthy of expressing in a public forum. I appreciate the support from him. It has been awhile...about 7 months. Our little girl is 10 months. She has done a lot of work, since my last post. She crawled at 6 months, and now is walking. She is such a sweet and patient child. She loves to be with me, but can play independently for a little while too. She expresses much through her eyes and facial expressions. We laugh daily. She reminds me of my grandma, who is no longer with us. I am so thankful that God has given her similar facial expressions. I always feel that she is near, and watching over us. I miss her a lot.

Anyway, our daughter is not much of a book listener. She likes to talk. Our son...on the other hand...loves to be read to frequently. He is quite wonderful, and full of spirit. He challenges me every day, which makes me even more determined to be the best mama that I can be for him and his sister. It is harder and easier in some ways having two children. I'm learning how to help him understand his world and positive ways to express himself.

We suspect that he has a milk allergy. Several months ago, he was tested for allergies. I found out this week that he was tested for environmental allergens and not food allergies like I had previously thought. We have already started him on soy milk, and there is a huge difference. He is not wheezing anymore. His lungs are not crackling anymore. His teachers are giving him soy milk at school. I would like to have a doctor's note proving that he is, in fact, allergic to milk. I am starting to put a lot of past experiences together.

On an other note, I did pass the exam. I am an IBCLC. I'm not sure when or how I am going to use my certification. For now, I am happy that I have it when I need it. I am quite happy at my job. It's nice to have a supportive boss who cares about breastfeeding like I do. I am working on becoming a LLL leader for a local group. I am excited to help mothers nurse their babies everywhere. It is a passion of mine. I'm also quite interested in learning about herbal medicine, which relates very little to breastfeeding for me. I do try to avoid consuming too much peppermint during Christmas time.

Yes! Merry Christmas everyone! I hope that December has been a wonderful month for you. We have enjoyed many traditions, and are about to enjoy another one. We are going to go see The Magic Tree. :) It is quite a sight to see...

So, we are alive and taking it a day at a time over here. We are always wanting to grow and become the people that God created us to be... We say a prayer of thanks every morning for the opportunity to wake up together, our health, and our friends and family.

Have a Happy New Year, if I don't post before then. ;)

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