Thursday, June 11, 2009

Back from Bulgaria

So, it's been about a month since I've blogged and so much has happened. I now am happily married. I would post a picture, but I didn't take any. Other family members have pictures, but I don't have their memory cards. Fairly soon after the wedding (two days and of which I will write more about later), we began our way to Eastern Europe. Our son experienced his father's home country and was able to visit with his great-grandparents. We went to the Black Sea, which was worth the travel time and awkward silences due to the language barrier. Ilia saw the sea for the first time. He pointed his finger and said "oooo" "oooo". We walked slowly into the water, which inspired a giggle. When a wave hit and splashed into his face, I would calmly walk him back up to the shore line to where I felt he could be more at ease. He seemed to say, "Mama, I'm not scared of the sea. I want to return to the cool waves and seeping sand." Sometimes, he wanted to swim by himself or keep walking into the sea. He "borrowed" other children's toys. He found sea shells. When we left, he pointed to the sea and said "ooooo" "ooooo". His middle name is Kai, which means the sea in Hawaiian. I'm glad it fits him so well. I'm really happy about his love for the sea. Before he was born, I went to Hawaii and felt soulfully at peace. I felt one with nature and so thankful that God made such a refreshing place. I would swim out until the water would almost freeze my bones, which indicated its depth. I snorkled and found Nemo :). I was found by a sea turtle that almost seemed to beckon me out and under the sea. It was quite an invitation that I'm glad to have passed up. Anyway, I'm really thrilled that he loves the sea and feels wonderful in it. I hope we have many more times to share our love of the sea together. Overall, besides the sea, I felt homesick and out of place. I looked all over for a craft store. I only found a needlepoint and yarn store, but I wanted something to embroider or at least fabric to sew. Oh well. I didn't bring enough books. I did read The Joy Luck Club, which I found to be a good read. I was happy to return to our small but welcoming home last night from Bulgaria. We are still sleep deprived and somewhat under the weather. My ears haven't seemed to pop from the airplane. Hmm... We haven't been too motivated to unpack. I have taken steps to change my name. I'm looking forward to summer projects and reconnecting with friends and family that I feel like I haven't seen for ages. I hope all has been well with everyone this past month.


  1. Welcome back Mikayla! Your son sounds so cute. How old is he by the way? :) Can't wait to see more pics of your little vacation and your wedding!!!

    Have plenty of rest.. it's the weekend!~


  2. welcome home! I can't wait to see you and hear all about your trip!


  3. You have a lovely writing style, I enjoyed reading your post!
    Congratulations on being newly married : ) I remember it feeling funny in the first days of having a new last name, but oh so wonderful!
    Names are so meaningful, how lovely your son's middle name suits him so well!